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Mountain View Police Activities League

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Why was Mountain View PAL formed?

Providing recreation, education and other activities is not necessarily a function of a police department due to the fact that recreation departments and school districts already adequately provide many of these opportunities.  However, with juvenile violence, gangs and other negative influences in the community, the Mountain View PAL would not be seeking to supplant programming offered by the Recreation Division but, rather, would be performing a very important facet of its primary functions—notably those of crime prevention, protection of property and the preservation of a peaceful community.

Unfortunately, despite the existence of a School Resource Officer program and other outreach programming, many initial contacts between Police Officers and youth still occur in unfavorable circumstances.  By introducing a formally structured Police/youth program, a mutual understanding and respect between Police and youth may be estab­lished and cultivated.  Although the City of Mountain View has a recreation program capable of absorbing its youth population in constructive activities, the absence of a formal framework for developing understanding between Police and youth warrants the reformation of the Mountain View PAL.

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